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  • HewaPure HPAP-A6W-ECO_VF1

    HewaPure HPAP-A6W-ECO Eco-Friendly 3-in-1 Connected Smart Air Purifier for Silent Health and Wellness, WIFI Hood Extractor, UV-C Moisture Absorber, Air Extractor

    The HewaPure HPAP-A6W-ECO air purifier is a compact, portable, high-performance device that removes pollutants and harmful contaminants from the air. With its innovative eco-friendly super ion technology, it eliminates and inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and viruses, while acting as a bagless vacuum cleaner and releasing active super ions to transform the passive environmental space into an active eliminator of harmful agents. To improve your hygiene and health conditions, this device is equipped with remote control and monitoring of air quality and sanitation through WiFi app compatible with Smart Life, Tuya, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. This air purifier is like a steam broom with 360° air inlet, up to 99.98% sterilization rate safely and environmentally friendly by activating the UVC LED sanitizing lamp and generating the super hydroxyl ions without ozone. The innovative and environmentally friendly super ion technology ensures the effects of lightning and natural waterfall. It uses the humidity in the air to form small water droplets in the generating part, simulating condensation and dew formation. Then a high voltage is applied to the droplets to ionize them and reduce them to a water mist composed of nanoscale charged water particles that destroy harmful elements (mold, bacteria and viruses) like a floor cleaner. This device is recommended to replace a cat litter deodorizer or a home fragrance diffuser in many types of rooms thanks to its large CADR and timer function. With 5 treatment stages it is a game-like air deodorizer and the air filter composition contributes to the removal of odors and smoke as well as formaldehyde, dust and fine particles. The machine's intelligent display shows the air quality index, temperature, humidity and PM 2.5 for real-time air quality monitoring. In the case of the more and more recurrent pollution peaks this device is an insensitive as an additional heater or a kitchen accessory. It covers an applicable area of up to 62㎡ and incorporates a filter block life reminder function. It also has low energy consumption with high efficiency conversion and long service life unlike a fan heater.


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