HewaPure HPAP-X6WN 3in1 Smart Connected Air Purifier 80㎡, White Noise Machine for Sleeping, Playing Music, Improving Air Quality, 99.97% Eliminating Hood, Air Extractor

The HewaPure HPAP-X6WN air purifier is a smart and connected, compact and portable 3-in-1 device that helps you remove pollutants or contaminants from the air in an enclosed space. It prevents fine particles and harmful molecules from escaping from one room to other rooms like a bagless vacuum cleaner, improving hygiene and health conditions. With the white noise function and Bluetooth connectivity, this air purifier offers you an optimal user experience. It is also equipped with remote control and monitoring function of air quality and sanitation through WiFi app compatible with Smart Life, Tuya, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. This air purifier is a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner with 360° air intake, 5 million anion concentration and UV option to remove mold, bacteria and viruses. It is recommended to replace an air freshener or a home fragrance diffuser in many types of rooms thanks to its large CADR and timer function (1-9 hours). With 6 treatment stages it is an evolutionary hot air extractor like in the board games and the composition of the air filter contributes to the removal of odors and smoke as well as formaldehyde and fine particles. The machine's intelligent display shows the air quality index, temperature, humidity and PM 2.5 for real-time air quality monitoring. In the case of the more and more recurrent pollution peaks this device is an insensitive as an additional heater or a kitchen accessory. It covers an applicable area up to 80m2 and integrates a function of reminder of the life of the filter block. It also has a low power consumption (55 W) with high efficiency conversion and a long life unlike a fan heater.

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HewaPure HPAP-X6WN 3in1 Smart Connected Air Purifier 80㎡, White Noise Machine for Sleeping, Playing Music, Improving Air Quality, 99.97% Eliminating Hood, Air Extractor

Anti-mite air dehumidifier and odor absorber with white noise function and several kinds of sounds to help you sleep peacefully and ensure the air quality.

Air washer vacuum cleaner with Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy your music from your smartphone, purify the air in your living space, capture and remove 99.97% of harmful airborne elements without suspense.

Connected air freshener and moisture absorber with WiFi function and app compatible with Smart Life, Tuya, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant to remotely control and monitor air quality, say goodbye to unpleasant odors with ease of mobility and storage as in a kitchen storage and organization.

Extractor hood with 360° air intake and a large CADR ≥ 620 m³/h to treat large rooms with a concentration of anions around 5 million and UV-C technology eliminates allergens, formaldehydes, bacteria and viruses.

White noise generator and home deodorizer with upright operation compliant with electrical safety standards which promotes compatibility and integration with a vmc vent, heating and air conditioning system, fragrance diffuser, humidifier for a powerful and compact air purification solution without essential oil.

Odor destroyer with a timer function (1-9 hours) recommended to replace a home fragrance diffuser, an air filter for built-in oven or central kitchen island for a smoke and odor free kitchen.

High performance mobile air freshener and air purifier like a field vacuum cleaner to remove pollution, dust and contaminants from the air in a confined space without additional installation thanks to six treatment steps (Prefilter+H14 medical HEPA filter+Activated carbon filter+Photocatalytic filter+UV lamp+Anion).

Air purifier that can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner in areas where work such as grinding, welding, use of solvents (hair salon and dental office), removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for maximum air purification with an intelligent display showing air quality index, temperature, humidity and PM 2.5.

Lightweight, low power consumption machine (55W) with high efficiency conversion and long life draws air through the filter to remove mold, dust, germs and other harmful particles in a bathroom, living room, kitchen, construction site, open space office.

Vacuum fan with 4 universal wheels for easy transport with a sanitation rate of 99.97%, UV power max of 4 W, lamp life of 8000 hours, Ultra Quiet Night Mode, max operating noise below 65 dB.


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